Illuminance Meters

    lightmeter cal-light 400

    cal-LIGHT 400

    The cal-LIGHT 400 series of digital light meters provides accurate illuminance measurements in either foot-candles or lux. These light meters are easy to use with a simple, point-and-click operation that immediately displays measurements on a 10mm-high screen.

    Each of our three light meter models uses a silicon photodiode with photopic and cosine correction, resulting in a meter that “sees” lights just as the human eye does.

    The cal-LIGHT 400L has a back-lit display for reading very low light levels (less than three lux).

    The cal-LIGHT 400F has its sensor positioned to readily measure light falling on a wall making it ideal for use in art galleries and museums.

    Every cal-LIGHT 400 is individually calibrated and comes with its own calibration certificate, certified to NIST/NRC standards.

    PCO’s line handheld light meters are sold worldwide under the COOKE Corporation brand. 

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