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PCO Photonics is the Canadian arm of PCO, based in Germany. It stands for what we are: a Pioneer in Cameras and Optoelectronics, with a Canadian specialty in photonics. Until 2016, our Canadian customers knew us as Optikon.

Since our rebrand to PCO Photonics , we’ve forged ahead to become a leading specialist and innovator in digital imaging and continue our over 40 year history as a leading distributor in Canada of cutting edge photonics products.

Tap into our expertise, experience and superior service whether you need a piece of hardware or you’re looking for a full system solution.

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pco.knowledge base series # 10: About dynamic

The "dynamic" or "dynamic range" of an image sensor or a camera system is a widely used term to characterize the ability of a camera system to measure and distinguish different levels of light.

However, many camera manufacturers define dynamic range from a different point of view. Learn about the many facets of this term in this article.

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TRIOPTICS USA Signs PCO Photonics to Exclusive Canadian Representation – Move expands distribution of TRIOPTICS optical metrology and manufacturing products into Canada

TRIOPTICS USA, the leading manufacturer of optical test and production equipment for the optical industry, has appointed PCO Photonics of Canada to be the exclusive Canadian representative of TRIOPTICS products. The move is expected to expand the sales and use of TRIOPTICS optical metrology products across a wide array of research facilities, universities and manufacturing companies across Canada.

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