PCO Photonics - Partners in Discovery

PCO Photonics is the Canadian arm of PCO, based in Germany. It stands for what we are: a Pioneer in Cameras and Optoelectronics, with a Canadian specialty in photonics. Until 2016, our Canadian customers knew us as Optikon.

Since our rebrand to PCO Photonics, we’ve forged ahead to become a leading specialist and innovator in digital imaging used in scientific and industrial applications.

Tap into our expertise, experience and superior service whether you need a piece of hardware or you’re looking for a full system solution.

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"Everything you always wanted to know about sCMOS cameras...

...but were afraid to ask" is the new e-book on our sCMOS sensor technology.  Whether it's pixel size, camera sensitivity, industry standards or data transfer, the e-book gives you answers on the most frequently asked questions about sCMOS technology on more than 50 pages.

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