ZEN is a software platform that enables you to control all ZEISS image processing systems and operate all your devices conveniently through the same interface. You can see at any time which options the system provides and what actions are recommended next.

ZEN arranges the operating elements according to your processes. Rarely used functions are hidden, but you can reactivate them at any time.

The core of the software is the intelligent "Smart Setup" control center. You select the dye for your sample from over 500 stored dyes. ZEN then automatically applies the settings necessary for your imaging system.

The .czi file format lets you process large amounts of data easily. As an alternative, you can save your images as OME-TIFF. This image format specification by Open Microscopy Environment facilitates cross-platform image data exchange, including your valuable metadata.

Thanks to its modular concept, the software also offers other advantages. You can adapt ZEN precisely to your requirements and only familiarize yourself with the functions that you actually need.

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