With pco.linux API you have a free implementation for cameras of the pco.camera series on hand. The implementation provides you a class interface, consisting of:

  • a communication class to control the camera settings and
  • a grabber class to transfer single or multiple images from the camera to the PC.

By this you are able to write your own applications in a Linux environment. Any C++ compiler is applicable for development. The incuded makefiles are for ‘gcc’ toolchain. Depending on the interface of your camera different subclasses have to be used. Therefore, tar-archives are available for any specific interface subclass.

pco.linux includes:

  • header files for compilation
  • source code files for building the common and specific classes
  • example code
  • precompiled libraries used in the examples (amd64)
  • compiled binaries of the examples (amd64)

Click below to download the tar-archive with the USB interface class based on libusb, a C-library for USB device access from Linux. 

Would you like to request further available interfaces? We are happy to provide you support at any time. Click the “contact” button below for the contact form and get in touch with us.

pco.linux download