pco.panda 4.2 bi
high resolution back illuminated sCMOS camera

When every single photon counts, pco.panda 4.2 bi brings you a decisive advantage. Our new back illuminated (bi) sensor can provide you with a quantum efficiency of up to 95 %. This makes the camera perfect for demanding lighting conditions, even without active cooling.

The high resolution and 6.5 x 6.5 μm² pixel size guarantees you greater detail diversity and highly qualitative images. The USB 3.1 interface provides direct power delivery via the USB cable. Our latest developments in sCMOS technology and compact dimensions make the pco.panda 4.2 bi ideal for countless applications in microscopy and life science.

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  • pco.panda 4.2 bi scmos camera front
  • pco.panda 4.2 bi scmos camera side
  • pco.panda 4.2 bi scmos camera rear
  • ultra-compact size: 65 x 65 x 65 mm³
  • back illuminated 16 bit sCMOS sensor technology
  • high resolution 2048 x 2048 pixel
  • pixel size: 6.5 x 6.5 µm²
  • quantum efficiency up to 95 %
  • maximum frame rate 40 fps @ full resolution
  • rolling shutter
  • USB 3.1 Gen1 interface
  • power over USB

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