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    ALIO systems vary from Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems, linear and rotary nano-precision systems with both mechanical and air bearings guides to systems in atmospheric, clean room, and ultra-high vacuum environments all with TRUE NANO Positioning®.
    The evolution of these initial products has yielded a revolutionary new product, the Patented Hybrid Hexapod®, which is a game changer for 5 and 6 axis motion performance. The Hybrid Hexapod is orders of magnitude more precise than traditional Hexapods. With superior features making it 100 times stiffer, 30 times faster, unmatched path precision, and 10 times the usable work envelope for the same XYZ travels of a Hexapod.  There are absolutely no performance, precision, or quality advantages of choosing a traditional Hexapod versus a Hybrid Hexapod®. With all these advantages, ALIO’s Hybrid Hexapod® is a cost-competitive solution for your 6-D motion and precision needs.

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    Product list:

    • Hybrid Hexapods and Parallel Kinematic Motion Solutions
    • Nanoprecision Linear Motion Stages
    • Micron Linear Motion Stages
    • Z-Lift and Vertical Motion Stages
    • Rotary Motion Stages
    • Cartesian Gantries
    • Air Bearing Systems
    • Custom Motion Solutions

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