pco.dicam C1
intensified 16 bit sCMOS camera

Introduced in 2019 as a completely new development, the pco.dicam C1 marks the reference for high-end intensified imaging. More than 30 years of experience in intensified camera systems combined with our pioneering sCMOS knowledge enable high-performance in image quality and optical gating.

The pco.dicam C1 is the first intensified camera system that allows you to harness the full power of the sCMOS sensor. Unique is the optical coupling of the high-resolution 25 mm image intensifier to the 16 bit sCMOS sensor via an efficient tandem lens. With shortest exposure times and up to 106 fps at full 4.2 MPixel resolution you can even detect single photons.

The 10G fiber optic data interface (Camera Link HS) guarantees you an uncompressed and secure data transfer. With the latest standard of high-performance data interfaces, you can bridge long distances via fiber optic cable.

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  • pco.dicam C1 front
  • pco.dicam C1 mount
  • pco.dicam C1 side
  • pco.dicam C1 rear
  • exposure times: 4 ns - 1 s
  • 25 mm intensifier
  • “ultra speed tandem lens” between image intensifier & sCMOS sensor
  • intensified sCMOS technology
  • 2048 x 2048 pixels
  • 106 fps @ full resolution
  • double shutter with 300 ns interframing time
  • enhanced extinction ratio gating
  • 10G fiber optic data interface (Camera Link HS)
  • F-mount, C-mount, or EF mount with lens control
  • photocathode material: S20, GaAs, GaAsP (others on request)
  • phosphor screen material: P43, P46

contact data sheet whitepaper video overview