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Emil Ott

Dr. Emil Ott | CEO | PCO AG
"Our main objective is the development and production of high performance camera systems which satisfy the specific requirements of our customers. This in conjunction with our flexibility and own quality demands creates the basis for our excellent worldwide reputation, which we do not take for granted, but continuously work for it."

Thomas Bauersachs

Thomas Bauersachs | President | PCO Canada (Optikon)
"Located in Canada's Technology Triangle it is my pleasure to co-ordinate the work of PCO’s operations in Canada and the United States, as well as Central and South America. Together with my dedicated team I share the excitement of advancing the understanding of physics, life science and beyond."

Nimesh Juthani

Nimesh Juthani | Sales Manager

Fon: +1 248 276 8820 x245

Greg Payne

Greg Payne | Sales Manager

Fon: +1 519 745 4115 x222

Altaf Ramji

Altaf Ramji | Sales Manager

Fon: +1 248 276 8820 x247

Mark Reinhardt

Mark Reinhardt | Sales Manager

Fon: +1 248 276 8820 x318

Bruce Bradford

Bruce Bradford | Director Business Development

Fon: +1 248 276 8820 x319