Health Care: Sonic Toothbrushes
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Case studies in health care - How sonic toothbrushes work

The vibration created by a sonic toothbrush ranges between 200 and 400 Hz. This means 24,000 - 48,000 movements per minute. With high-speed vibration, the sonic vibrating toothbrush can effectively clean the teeth and keep the mouth healthy. But have you ever seen how it works? What happens when it runs at high speed?

Sonic vibration toothbrush vibration is extremely fast when it is running, and it is difficult for the human eye to observe, but a piece of cake for a powerful high-speed digital camera. The pco.dimax digital high-speed camera helps to reveal the state of a running sonic toothbrush. Low exposure time is used to avoid blurred images. High illumination and color fidelity guarantee high quality of images. You can clearly see the details of the toothbrush acting on the surrounding liquid.

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